Over the years, a number of published authors, members of the literary community and authoritative military figures have reviewed the work to date and have all expressed positive views.

RADM Benjamin Montoya (USN-R) reviewed the work in progress and supports the effort as “a memorialization of important Navy events.”

Vice Admiral M. Staser Holcomb added, “The role the Navy and its people played in that under-appreciated conflict deserves telling. I hope your book will add to the record a positive statement along those lines.”

Herbert Molloy Mason, Jr., author of Lafayette Escadrille: Men at War and six others wrote, “I greatly enjoyed reading your chapter on SKUNK ALPHA and can say without hesitation that you have the makings of a publishable book.”

Mr. J. John Newman wrote, “As a former newspaper executive and Air Force press officer (the) work, in my opinion, deserves serious consideration. … (Your) account of this, as we used to say in the newspaper business, would be ‘a good read.’ More than that, in my view, it would sell.”

William L Schachte,Jr. (Rear Admiral, JAGC, USN  Ret.) wrote, ” The story of CAPTURING SKUNK ALPHA is quite significant in that it tells of the courage, enthusiasm and professionalism of those fortunate enough to be known as SWIFT Boat sailors, and the very important role they played in successful operations by the Navy’s Brown Water forces during the Vietnam war. Those of us who returned home after serving our year in combat were often met with verbal scorn and disrespect, in spite of our ‘unsung’ combat successes. And it is appropriate that those among us who made the ultimate sacrifice likewise should be recognized for their honorable and noble combat service.”

Captain Arthur Peter Ismay (USN, Ret.) wrote, “Personally, I have known and observed many of the Swift crews who began operations in Vietnam during 1965 and 1966.  They brought great credit to the U. S. Navy by conducting round the clock surveillance and interdiction operations effectively, skillfully and bravely in weather both fair and foul.  I am honored to have been associated with them.  I deeply respect their abilities to prevent, control, and deny the enemy’s use of coastal sea lanes.  I also salute and honor Swift crews who served and bravely engaged the enemy from 1967 to the end of hostilities.”

Rear Admiral Norman T. Saunders, USCG (Ret.) wrote, “In 1965, the Navy deployed a joint force of Navy and Coast Guard vessels to patrol the coast of South Vietnam and interrupt the seaborne flow of weapons and ammunition from the north to the Viet Cong.  The young men, and we were just young men, of that Market Time force performed admirably though they didn’t make the evening news. Raúl Herrera, in his book CAPTURING SKUNK ALPHA, captures one of many notable actions by these young sailors.  He tells the story in a compelling way through the eyes of the sailors on scene.  With this exciting book, he has captured an important part of the history of the war in Vietnam in a way that is both good reading and representative of the significant contributions of these brave sailors.”