The Saga of Swift Boat PCF-79

Operation Market Time Vietnam

CAPTURING SKUNK ALPHA is a first-person narrative nonfiction work that spins a unique yarn of an impressionable twenty-year-old Mexican-American sailor from San Antonio, Texas. The story chronicles this young man’s journey that takes him from the safety of high school life and young love to perilous combat action on the high seas, at the height of the Vietnam War.

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Raúl Herrera

Swift Boat Vet – Author

Raúl Herrera is a decorated Vietnam War Veteran who volunteered for the Navy in September 1965 and received an honorable discharge after four years of service. His tour of duty in Vietnam was from April 1967 to April 1968. He served aboard a 50-foot aluminum-hulled combat vessel, PCF-79 (Patrol Craft Fast), commonly known as a Swift Boat.

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How it all took place.

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